Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Media: -- Please give me a break from Rahul

“When I went to present updates on the preparation of Commonwealth Games, Rahul Gandhi asked me – How many medals is India going to win”… Suresh Kalmadi

“Rahul visits Leh to empathize with those affected by the landslide”

“Rahul travels in a local train in Mumbai”

“Rahul ate in a dalit home and spent time with dalit families”

.. Thanks god the media doesn’t cover how and where Rahul completes his ablutions. I am perplexed and sad to see media’s addiction to this name called “Rahul”. In the four sentences above, if I replace Rahul with Ramu, Raman, Ronit or Raunak, I don’t see any difference to the merits of the sentences or the act behind it. To all the sycophants of Nehru Family present in the so called oldest national party, can’t they give us a break? I am not a political person and unfortunately never voted in any election. I don’t have anything against Rahul Gandhi, but my single question to the Rahul coterie is “What has Rahul done to grab so much space in media”. He is a Yuvraaj , he is the next leader of the country…. He may move Mount Everest, but till he hasn’t or till he hasn’t tried for it he is no one but a common man in the 1.1 billion population. His only claim to fame is that he is the son of Rajiv Gandhi. It feels sad to see how the oldest national party doesn’t even think of making a leader from within its ranks.

Congress has given a lot of good things to the country. But if I have to point out the sin’s, sycophancy and death of meritocracy comes first in my list. These are two viruses which have plagued the whole Indian system and no one but only CONGRESS is responsible for it. I was reading the case of Anderson’s exit from India or rather contrived graceful farewell from India. I am not a lawyer and can’t comment on the merits of this case. But then again the whole of congress party in one voice is more focussed on disassociating Mr. Rajiv Gandhi’s name from the case rather than looking at the intricacies involved. Arjun Singh and congress for the time being has easily blamed it on a person who is no more. Arjun Singh will be happy to take the blame on him if time comes and project himself as a martyr saving Rajiv’s name. This will ensure that his son and daughter bag congress tickets in the next general election. Yes for Congress “Martyr” means anyone who has done anything remote to save the name of Nehru family. Even Narasimha Rao’s son could only issue a low key clarification that his father should not be the only one blamed for it. Everyone except the then Prime Minister of India was involved or knew about Anderson’s exit. Not sure what should citizens of India make out from it. No wonder, no one till date has been convicted for the 1984 riots. Inherently this does convey a message; you are saved if it’s in the name of Nehru Family. Nehru family also knows this well. The two thumb rules the family follows and smoothly passes on to the next generation:

1. Open your mouth even once against the family and you will never hold any plump post. E.g. Arjun Singh, now sidelined and to some extent Mr. Pranab Mukherjee (the only reason he will never become prime minister). Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy , you will never become a congress chief minister from Andhra Pradesh. You should have learnt something from Mr. Ashok Chavan. Every son doesn’t get the chair as an heir to his dad’s/mom throne.

2. Take some outrageous decisions and impose it. This ensures that congressmen remember the power you possess. Make Mrs. Pratibha Patil the president. God knows how many Indian’s knew her before she became the president.

It would be an interesting fact to know how much does the congress spends on building the brand of Rahul Gandhi and saving the image of Nehru family. Some time back I read a small article that the father in law of Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi committed suicide. It was a small article printed in the remotest corner. All my sympathies and respect to the family. The reason-- family issues. I am happy that it was not made news in the media. But then can I request the same media to show the same sympathy to any other political leader’s family. I am sure in case of any other similar instance, demand of inquiry and issues and comments from every guy in the street will be published in the media.

I have never seen a picture of Rahul Gandhi visiting a restaurant or a pub or partying or when he is watching world cup or with his girl friend (if he has one). I don’t believe and will never believe that he is oblivious to all these. Two questions come in my mind:

1. Is the media being paid to keep quiet?

2. Is there a team spending crores and crores to show us only clippings they want to be published and use or abuse of the government machinery to monitor the same.

I am waiting for 2014 to arrive sooner than later so that the whole buzz around the word Rahul stops when he becomes the prime minister of India. When we no more talk of his visit to Dalit families and Mumbai local visit. I hope he delivers something worth to be covered in media. Or else the sycophants will have to work overtime to cook stories as he will no more possess the privileges of a rising star.

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